VIVE Real Estate Advisor has been successfully operating since 1995 in the real estate field in exclusive market niches in central and prestigious areas of Milan. The expertise gained on the market has allowed the implementation of effective operational methodologies for managing negotiations quickly and in a confident way even very complex. The satisfaction of highly loyal customers and high service standards have contributed to positioning VIVE today at the sector top.


VIVE proposes itself not only as an intermediary, able to facilitate the meeting between offer and demand, but above all as a partner, working for the success of the negotiations and to greater customer satisfaction. A strategy capable not only of facing changing market conditions, but also of offering a highly qualified service aimed at satisfying the multiple customer's needs.


VIVE takes advantage of expert professional of the field characterized by seriousness, competence and confidentiality. Their function is "advisor" in the real estate field, able to help customers in the most suitable choices for their needs and to offer valid integrated support on all those contractual, cadastral and financial aspects that emerge, supported by experts in the legal and fiscal field, architectural and urban planning.


These essential qualities are the basis of the success of VIVE. Customer loyalty and satisfaction are the primary target.

VIVE SRL Consulenti Immobiliari


Via M. Barozzi, 7 - 20122 Milano